Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

A second post today for a very special announcement.


Small small. Like the size of a chicken mcnugget.

But POOP! First anything in 15 days

As if she knew, the hospice nurse called me just then to talk about when she's coming to change the pain pump cartridge (late Friday), so I gave her the update.

What she told me I knew already, but I'm making sure you all understand - it's good, and may give her a bit of relief (she says she feels a little better), but doesn't change anything. She still can't really eat, and we don't know how much liquid is actually being absorbed by her body.

I'm not knocking down strength walls because of this, I'm just happy it happened, and so should you be.


As if to drive home what I just posted, as I finished typing the above line I heard a knocking sound from upstairs. I had just given Billy Jo her nighttime meds (six of them)  before I started this post. I ran upstairs thinking "more poop!" and instead found her sitting on the floor in front of the toilet. She had just thrown up most of the water, the bite or two of soup from eight hours ago, and all six pills. I gave her a zofran and then she chewed a Xanax because she is just drained now. She hit the pain button because the heaving is hurting her badly. I feel so bad. In 15 minutes I'm giving her two of the six... the rest she can go without for tonight.

I like going to theme parks and going on roller coasters. This roller coaster fucking sucks. :(