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Under Pressure

Billy Jo woke up today and vomited up some bile. Not a good start. Her stomach hasn't gone down at all, and there's been no poop. Sometimes the pressure building up is just too much for her and she gets nauseous. She had a little chocolate milk for her breakfast/lunch and half a small taco for dinner. Yesterday was only about 6 oz. of chocolate milk. She's not hungry, so it sounds worse (to the rest of us) than it really is. It's simply part of the process.

She's still awake and alert all day and downstairs, enjoying time with the guests that drop by. She just happens to nod off once in a while due to meds or overall tiredness.

I was sitting next to her earlier today and brought my arm down and accidentally hit her in the back. I'm an asshole :(

Hey! She's going to try and eat a chocolate chip cookie right now :)

As for me - I've been tired all day. I was asleep by 8pm last night but I think the last five and a half weeks (seems SO much longer) are starting to catch up with me. When we got home from the hospice home, a hospice nurse came out to make sure there was enough dilaudid in the CADD pump. While she was here she took Billy Jo's vitals. I asked her to take my BP. It's been borderline high for several months during my meltdown year, to outright high the past six weeks. Even dropping 20 pounds, eating better, and riding my bike 300 miles haven't touched it. I was calm as could be (at least consciously) and it came back 150/96. I emailed my doctor and he put me on a medication. He said my high BP is likely stress-related and being on the meds should only be temporary. That's fine - the last thing I want to do is stroke out now. I have Billy Jo to take care of.

Oh yeah almost forgot - our hand mould thingie came out "ok"...nowhere near as good as the one Billy Jo did with her aunt, cousin, and niece:

 It appears several of my fingers are suffering from some sort of flesh eating disease. Maybe it's the blood pressure.