Pedal Another Mile

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Going Nowhere

Good news - the CADD (pain pump) is getting tuned into the right dosages. She's been awake and alert all day. Since that's taken care of, we can go home!

Wait. No we can't. The doctor doesn't want her to go unless she poops. It's been 7 1/2 days. It could be 7 1/2 more. She's taken her off of colace and is going with Milk of Magnesia instead. Apparently, Sennakot is next. I'm not sure of the reasoning, but hey- I'm not a doctor. When we left the hospital all the doctors specifically said to stay away from Sennakot and Miralax, as the small amounts of food she was eating indicated these might cause her more pain than relief. So, I hope this doctor's idea works, but if not, I'm glad we're here for when the trouble starts.

If nothing happens by tomorrow we want her home. We came here to get her pain under control. It is. Staying here simply until she poops will be like a prison sentence, especially since she's feeling better. It also doesn't help that she's woken up by someone every 60-90 minutes all night. She was sad about having to stay another night, so I went and got Wrigley. She's on the bed with her right now, as always. I'll go home and sleep again tonight.

She's walked around the lake here twice today, which is probably about 1/3 of a mile each lap, so that's good, too.

The swelling of her abdomen hasn't gone down at all.

That's about all to report for today. Hopefully the next report is from home.