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Going to the Hospice Home

Those of you on the meal train already know this, and the texts are flying at me. I'm doing a quick update because I got overwhelmed for a few minutes there. They are admitting her to the hospice house to get her pain under control and try and determine for certain what is causing the swollen abdomen.

This is to get the pain manageable and trying to figure out how to make the swelling less painful - there won't be any surgeries or anything. We will be there at a very minimum overnight. Once the pain and discomfort is manageable she's sent back home. If they decide to do the draining procedure they will contract with a hospital to do it and then send her home.

Important: This probably DOES NOT mean she is dying today or tomorrow- it's to make her comfortable, and they can't do that here at home.

I can stay there, and believe it or not, so can Wrigley. :)

We are scheduled to get there at 4pm. I'll update more later.