Pedal Another Mile

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A Milestone Reached

Today's quick 13ish mile ride put me over 2,000 for the year.  This is quite a feat for me, as the goal I had set for myself when the year began was 1,000 miles.  I reached that goal on July 25th.  That means I got my next thousand in two months and two days, and I haven't been riding anywhere near as much as normal the past 2-3 weeks. 

I think if I had found JBC earlier in the year that 3,000 may have even been a possibility this year.  Who knows?  All I know is that on a regular basis I cannot do more than 25 or so miles by myself out of sheer boredom.  Even when I'm in a paceline with a group and no one is saying a word for miles on end, it's not boring.  So 40, 50, even 100 miles is much easier to do. 

I am going to set my 2011 mileage goal at 2,000.  That will get me on track for the 24,901 by 55.