Pedal Another Mile

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Another down up down day

Yesterday was a busy day and she overdid it a bit.  She woke up close to noon. Got a very very small poop out.  2nd day in a row. But I mean small. A single rabbit turd. Still - 2nd day in a row! Then she slept a bit more in the afternoon and was ok but in a bit more pain than yesterday.  She ate a little for dinner and soon thereafter felt uneasy and vomited. A lot.  She felt terrible that it was all over the place...her, the bathroom walls, floor, etc.  I told her not to worry, that she couldn't help it. Everything is cleaned up and she still has an uneasy stomach but we are hoping the Zofran and Reglan calms it down soon.

Dean and Lorraine, the Florida cousins, will leave early tomorrow morning. I'm very happy and thankful they were able to come up and visit :)