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Best Day Since We've Been Home

Billy Jo was up at 8:30, showered, and was awake and waiting for the hospice nurse. She ate an ounce of cereal and milk for breakfast, 10 potato chips and some cucumber dip and a small piece of chocolate for lunch, and about 2 ounces of lasagna for dinner.  It's the most she's eaten in well over a week. The hospice nurse reiterated the fact that she should just eat want she wants and not worry about nutrition, which makes sense.  It's the same as not worrying about the addictive traits of all the painkillers she's on. At this point in her life, eating what she wants and not being in pain are all that matters.

She also was awake most of the day, only napping for a couple hours this afternoon. She's quite tired now and headed to bed soon.

I'm staying up to try and finish the financial report I've been working on all day so it can be presented at the meeting on Thursday, so sorry for the quick post.  At least it's a good one :)