Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Nah, I'll write some more.

So much for a quick update promise (2nd day running!)

The day after we got back home I woke up in the morning and saw that we needed milk.  I ran down to Walgreens and reached down all the way on the bottom shelf where the skim milk is.  I grabbed the gallon and started walking towards the register.  I glanced at the expiration date and saw it said 9/30, a mere 3-4 days away.  I froze in my tracks, turned around, and headed back to the refrigerated cases.  Why?  I mean, with all the cereal the two of us eat, a gallon rarely lasts 4 days in our house, even though it is only the two of us.

This is why- Billy Jo has said for years that her main goal is to outlive the date on the gallon of milk in the fridge.  That line entered my head immediately, even though I haven't heard her say it in a while.

Back at the case, I grab the next one in the row.  9/30.  The one behind that? 9/30.  Now I'm sitting in the ground pulling out gallons of milk looking for one that doesn't say friggin' 9/30 on it.  If you've seen the movie Clerks, by Kevin Smith, picture the 'Milk Maid' scene.  That was me...

Alllll the way in back I found one gallon that said 10/6, declared my mission complete, and headed back home so we could have breakfast.