Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Settling in

I slept more last night than the last three days. I still felt tired but the crushing exhaustion wasn't present today. I'm still battling that cold but it seems to have gone down a notch since last night.

We met with the Hospice Care social worker at 9am. She's great. I look forward to us seeing her again. We filled out the last of the the paperwork they needed- the DNR and the Medical Power of Attorney.

After she left we decided to see how the hand mold kit the hospital gave us turned out. We sat in the warm sunlight on the patio, peeling goop from the nooks and crannies of the statue. A little while later her cousin Sarah came over with her new lil puppy. Adorable. It really was a nice day. The hospice nurse also came by - they are still trying to get her pain management regiment dialed in - the fine balance between treating the pain and allowing her to stay awake after taking the meds.

I'm doing ok mentally today. Got some work done remotely, got some home bills done that had piled up the past few weeks, stuff to keep my mind off of everything. I still have a giant fear of how long? and how bad? that I can't seem to shake.

The meal train idea is an awesome one. We are so thankful for the continued outpouring of support we have received from everyone everywhere.

I think that'll do it for today :)