Pedal Another Mile

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Monday Day 2 - Denison to Jefferson

I need to make this quick.  I'll do a better post tomorrow.  Jefferson, Iowa is interent hell.  They are so overloaded even library wifi won't work.  I have 13 minutes and counting left on one of the library desktop computers :D

Cliffs notes for today: I didn't sleep too great last night.  Never got comfortable.  As for the ride... 75 miles.  Most of the 2800+ feet of hills were in the first 50 miles, with over half in the first 20.  There was a threat of rain at mile 20 but it never materialized.  Once the majority of the hills were done at mile 50 I was happy I could take it easy for a bit... until the next 14 miles were into a 10-15mph headwind.  What a cruel joke.  I made it up the hills just fine, and as the day progressed I guess a got a little better on the descents.  They're still irrationally freaking me out.  While not sleeping last night, I think something that may be contributing to this is the major crash I witnessed directly in front of me a year ago this week.  When I have access again (which should be tomorrow- Ames is a college town after all) I'll copy my FB post about what happened.  At any rate, I made it through the day.  Most of the day was overcast with temps 60-75, but the last hour was 88 degrees.  Still nothing compared to what I've dealt with in the past.


Okay, I am likely a minute or two away from getting the boot, so until tomorrow...