Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.


Well, I'll be on the road in about 7 hours.  I think...think I have everything packed.  I am a neurotic mess thinking I forgot something when we go away on a weekend trip to New Orleans or something.  This is overload... this is a week.  This is throwing a bicycle and camping into the mix. I only hope I don't forget anything.  Like my bike.  

I'll be making another post in a minute which I think I'll be able to pin to the top.  I am not bringing my laptop or iPad, only my phone.  That being said, I am going to spend a whole lot of time in rural Iowa, where "cell service" may not be a phrase uttered quite often, especially with thousands of extra cell phones attacking the occasional tower.  I will try to update as much as I can - I just don't know the delivery system.  I'd like to take a lot of pics, so I really hope Instagram works.  The Squarespace iPhone app is pretty lackluster, so there won't be much flash to any posts I put here.  I'm not even sure I can share from here to the Pedal Another Mile Facebook page... did I mention I did not anticipate how fast this was coming?  I spent 2100 miles, hundreds of hours, on my bike getting ready for this week... I let a few things online fall to the wayside.  I'll do what I can, and we may even experiment along the way.  I think my GPS unit will actually broadcast where I am (if there is cell service).  Maybe I'll try and figure that shit out on the long bus ride tomorrow.  

So I will make a pinned post now, with links that will stay up all week, and then the next time I post will be from Iowa.  

Good night all!