Pedal Another Mile

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Crunch time

It's a little alarming how fast this is here.  I leave about 4am next Saturday, headed to the end town of Davenport.  A week from right now I will be getting off a bus somewhere in the start town of Onawa. 

I can only hope I'm not greeted with this, like on my initial RAGBRAI:



I think I can safely say I am ready for this challenge, or as ready as I'll ever be.  The RAGBRAI training coach recommends that you have 1000 miles for the year when you arrive in Iowa...


I think I'm good on that front :).  I also think that I set my mileage goal for 2018 a bit too low, as I will pass it near the end of RAGBRAI.    

My only concerns about the week are my lack of hill training and the weather.  The weather is completely out of my control - I just hope it's not too rainy or windy, and 7 straight days of heat indexes in the triple-digits.  I will likely not have more than a few minutes in air conditioning from the time I get off the bus until the time I get back in my car a week later.  

The hills?  Well, I know for a fact I am in way better shape physically than I was the first two times (especially heartrate-wise), and in over 900 combined miles those first two times, I walked up one hill. 

This will be a busy week - I'll be getting everything packed - the checklist of things to bring is extensive, and I'm sure there will be things I am forgetting - I just hope it isn't anything major, like my bike. 

In the most important part of this update, I want to again thank everyone who has donated to Stand Up to Cancer.  As of right now, $1,350 has been donated this year (that's over $3 a mile!), bringing Team Pedal Another Mile's grand total since I started in 2010 to $17,312.  If you haven't yet donated, please know that 100% of your donation goes to cancer research - not a penny of it goes to overhead, advertising, or salaries.  Those are paid by corporate sponsors.  The minimum to donate is $5 and I'd really appreciate it!  The fundraising page will be open the entire time I'm on the ride, and will remain open afterwards.