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This "spring" sucks

As I started this post, it was a Saturday afternoon in mid-April, and instead of being out on a ride, I was bundled up in the house as 39 rain degree pelted the house driven by 30+ mph winds.  We went out to dinner and then rented a movie so I left this as a draft to finish today.

As I continue this post, it is a Sunday morning in mid-April, and instead of being out on a ride, I am bundled up in the house as 33 rain degree pelts the house driven by 30+ mph winds.

This weather is driving me absolutely crazy and it's severely limiting my ability to get some much needed miles on my bike.  I was startled to see this post from the RAGBRAI Instagram account on Friday:

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Yeesh - that's a lot closer than it sounds.

On the less than 10% chance that Spring 2018 decided to grace us with a nice day, it always seemed to be a weekday and therefore I'm at work.  I did discover a routine mid-summer last year that I like to ride before work (leaving the house by 6am, driving in, and riding the trails nearby for 10-15 miles), but I also like to enjoy riding before work, and I cannot really enjoy riding in weather below 45 degrees.  Lately it's been in the 20s to mid 30s at 7am.  As a result, it's been 28 days since I have ridden outside now :(

I've also not been feeling very well for some weeks now (follow-up doctor appointment is tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some answers), and this has led to a grand total of 20 miles over two rides on an indoor trainer in April.  Granted, yesterday's 12 mile ride was up a 1500 foot "mountain" using the app/service called Zwift, but I am really lacking in miles the past month or so, and I now have 98 days before the long ride back east.  Zwift is a pretty cool service, and one that has made it possible for me to ride an indoor trainer for more than 20 miles a winter.  In my opinion, riding inside flat out sucks, but having my old bike on a smart trainer, coupled with this app, allows me to ride with other people, ride different routes in a video game setting, and the coolest thing is that when you approach inclines, the trainer automatically adjusts the resistance, making it feel like you are actually climbing that mountain.  

The basement winter riding set-up.

The app runs through an Apple TV connected to my old 61" TV which has a failing DLP chip in it, resulting in white dots on the screen.  For watching TV or movies it was no longer an option, but for this purpose it's absolutely fine. There's three "worlds" - London, Richmond Virginia, and the fictitious island world of Watopia, which features beach roads, tropical jungle roads, a volcano, and several snow-covered mountain climbs.  About the only thing missing is the wind resistance.  Anyway, according to Zwift, since I started with the app on Halloween I've ridden 662 miles.  That's about 600 miles more than I would spend on a bike during the winter on a normal trainer, so I'm definitely thankful I have this, or this "spring" I would be SERIOUSLY behind schedule.

Approaching the top of the mountain.

Here is Strava info of the ride I did yesterday. I'm thinking I may pick a somewhat flatter route if I ride later today.