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RAGBRAI XLI Day 3: Perry to Des Moines

What a day. After sleeping like a rock I woke up for the 45 minute trip back to Perry from the hotel. Saw yet another terrific sunrise. I see them almost every day with my work schedule, but I never ever tire of them. Every day I get to see a sun rise is another day I'm alive :)

Anyway, we got back to Perry, and I met up with two of Billy Jo's cousins, Shawn and Christine, and Shawn's husband Joe, and Christine's sister-in-law Kathy. They all live in the area and joined me for today's ride. It was great to see them. 


Me, Shawn, Joe, Kathy, Christine

We got a bit later start today. Well, late for me anyway. What a difference 6:15 to 7:15 makes. Wow was it crowded. The first town had more people than I have ever seen on RAGBRAI before.

Today was much better in all ways. 30 miles less, less than a third of the hills, 65 and cloudy. If you have to have something for me to bitch about, there was a pretty good headwind the last half, but nothing too bad. I was all for taking it easy on today's ride... until I saw Lance Armstrong and a paceline of 15 or so behind him go by as I was stopped and drinking a chocolate milk. I have no idea how I was able to catch up with them, but I did.  I rode all the way into the next stop town in that paceline. I never got close to him, about 7 rows back, but still- how cool! :) Adrenaline got me caught up to them, and it kept me there for 4 or 5 miles. I didn't even remember I rode 85 miles yesterday until I stopped! 

After that, we ate breakfast and went on. One small bitch of a hill, but nothing bad. It was a fun relaxing ride. It was also a day of a few RAGBRAI firsts for me. First, I actually had to pee during a ride on RAGBRAI. Usually I can drink gallons and never ever go, Second, I had a beer before the ride was over. I usually don't do that, but some people on this ride get shitfaced the whole trip, stopping in every town for a shot and beer. I have no idea how they do it. My guess is they get a ride at some point. I had my beer less than eight miles from the end. All good :)

Lots of people have asked about the names on my bike and think it's really cool that I have done this. Also, I am getting a lot of people talking to me about my bike tattoos. 

Another different RAGBRAI thing was riding into an actual city. Most of Iowa is small-town to the extreme. Des Moines' downtown is still small, but it's got a bit of a skyline!

In all the activity today I forgot to extend the time on Glympse and it expired before I was done riding. Sorry about that! 

Today's Charity Miles was for Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Per your votes, tomorrow is Wounded Warrior Project, Thursday is Autism Speaks, and Friday is ASPCA. Saturday I finish with SU2C. Thanks to all who voted :) 

Lastly, if today couldn't get any more surreal... I mean - being in a 27 mph paceline with Lance Fucking Armstrong??!??!? -  but anyway, we went for dinner to Applebee's here in Des Moines.  Dan took a picture of me at the end of RAGBRAI 2011. I had no idea he did it.  Here's the pic:

Well I posted it on Flickr and someone asked if they could use it to redecorate an Applebee's. I told her to contact Dan. Well, it made it onto a mural in Applebee's. I thought it would be about the width of a booth. Boy was I wrong! 


Let me tell you, eating dinner and seeing yourself on a wall is friggin' WEIRD.

Okay, we are headed to downtown Des Moines to check out the concert. 90's alternative heaven! Sponge, Filter, Live, and Everclear. 


Pics from today 

Here's today's ride info from Strava. More tomorrow, but I doubt it tops today!