Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Day 0 - Getting to Council Bluffs

Hi everyone. It's getting late and I need sleep so I will make this a quick post. The drive was uneventful. Only one bad traffic jam for a couple of miles. Dan was a trooper, driving the entire day.

We got into Council Bluffs about 7pm. After checking into the room, Dan and I made a trip to the riverfront park, location of the tire dip site. RAGBRAI tradition is to dip your back tire in the Missouri River and your front tire in the Mississippi. In 2011 the Missouri was flooded and they were arresting anyone attempting to try the dip. They had a pool full of river water and a ramp instead.  Yeah... no thanks.

No such issue this year! And today, day zero, was 79 degrees at 7pm. In 2011 it was 148. Okay not really, but it was upper 90s with a heat index close to 120. So much nicer tonight. 

While at the tire dip site, I realized I have never ridden my bicycle across state lines. I decided to fix that, taking a pretty cool pedestrian bridge across the river and into Nebraska. 

After that it was time to get some dinner, have a few beers, and here I am, a few minutes from going to sleep. The bike is all ready. We will find out tomorrow if *I* am ;) 

Looks like I might get wet tomorrow. But right now the rest of the week isn't looking too bad. 

Here's the flickr link to today's pics. I also updated twitter and Instagram a few times. That's it for today - it's go time in t-minus seven hours.