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Last Call for Labels

Camera Roll-228

Okay, every name put into the form has been printed on a label as of today. If you still want to have someone's name on my bike for the ride across Iowa, there's still time. Not much, though. I have to give back the label maker soon. Don't wait any longer!

Also, thanks to all of you who donated, my hope to have $15,000 total raised for SU2C by the time the ride was over was realized a week before it started. I am so grateful for your generosity. There are many places and causes to donate your hard-earned dollars, and the fact that you chose Stand Up to Cancer makes me very happy. Words cannot describe it further. Simply - Thank You. For those of you who still want to - by all means please do so!!


In actual RAGBRAI news, I have slowly begun packing, I have most of my electronics sorted out (I'm so geeky I sometimes can't stand myself), and I'm determining what the best way to update will be. Two years ago there was no chance of me having a data connection for most of the trip. Between being on Verizon now instead of AT&T, Google having wi-fi in some towns, and staying in hotels every night, this shouldn't be as big of an issue as 2011. I'll likely post a recap of each day, but I may do smaller updates through the PAM Facebook page. If you are on Facebook and haven't 'liked' it yet, here's the link. Again, who the hell knows what internet access will be like.


One last thing for tonight... I found out today that Knoxville, Wednesday's overnight town, will have a 200' long 20' wide slip n slide.  "Hold my beer and watch this!"