Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Time flies when you're having fun

And I am :).

I cannot believe RAGBRAI is less than six weeks away. The weather this "spring" has been, well... shit. Way too wet, way too cool most days, way too windy. It had been two weeks since I even got on my bike, until Sunday the 3rd, when I did about about 24 miles, enough to put me over 1,000 miles for 2013. Saturday I did 44+. Add another 425ish for RAGBRAI and this means I'm just over 1,000 away from my goal of 2,500 for the year. That should be fairly easy unless winter starts in August this year.

What the majority of my rides look like. Wide open, nothing to block the wind, boring sometimes, but most traffic





Getting back to RAGBRAI, I received my packet from them late last week:

I like the jersey quite a bit. I was afraid the pig from this year's logo would take up the whole front. It's quite subtle, though. Why a pig? Well, Iowa may be known for corn but it is the country's leading pork producer as well.

 I am keeping VERY busy at work. This week will likely be the busiest of the entire year. Things should hopefully slow down in another 3-4 weeks. I don't mind how busy I am - it makes the work day fly by. 

Outside of work things are going very well. I have settled into this new life fairly comfortably. I am stil going to the therapist at the hospice home, but I am only going once every four weeks. She doesn't see a reason for me to come any more often.  

I'm still enjoying cooking. I seem to be getting better at it too. I even went to a sushi class on Sunday the 3rd. I think I did okay - what I made looked good and tasted great! 

That's it for now!! I will try to not wait three weeks before my next post :) 

Thanks for sticking around and reading it!