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Reaching out to SU2C

So I had an idea today. I think I mentioned before that I won't be alone on RAGBRAI this year. Not only will I be riding a day or two with a few of Billy Jo's Iowa cousins, I have my own weeklong personal SAG (support and gear) team in Dan, Tanya, and CJ :) 

Anyway, a thought came to me this afternoon as I was in the garage doing routine cleaning/maintenance to my bicycle... if my team is going to be driving from town to town, and more importantly, into the heart of the activity in each of these towns, why not see if I can get Stand Up to Cancer to send me some stuff to help them out?  

I sent them an email asking if they have any interest in sending me magnetic signs for the truck as well as any brochures or other freebies to hand out. After all, there are thousands and thousands of people riding RAGBRAI, and many more that will be taking part in overnight town activities. Perfect (and free!) advertising for them.  We'll see what they say... like I said, it was just an idea I had.

As of today, it's less than $900 to reach my $15,000 goal. Thanks to those who have donated - I appreciate it very much!!