Pedal Another Mile

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Four weeks to go!

Well, four weeks from today is the first riding day of RAGBRAI. It's a bit surprising how quickly it's coming. I've been so busy at work that time is flying by at a seemingly faster pace.

I've had a few longer rides lately, and I'm at 1100 for the year so far.  I'll be ready.

As I stated before, I'd like to have the total raised for SU2C by team Pedal Another Mile to be $15,000 by the time I finish RAGBRAI on July 27th. We've been a little over $2,000 under that for a while. That changed last night. My friend Don gave me a check yesterday for a donation in the memories of his late wife Laura who passed away in 2011 of breast cancer, and of Billy Jo. Thanks to Don's generosity, we are now just over $1,000 shy of the goal.

If you can spare any cash to help, even $5, I'd really appreciate it!! You can donate by clicking here.

In other news, this week I'm ordering the labels to begin printing the names of the people riding with me. There's over 100 names already. If you haven't yet done so, the form is here.