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Another fuckit list weekend and a RAGBRAI update

So Brian and I left his house at 7:30 Saturday morning for Nashville. I dropped him back off before 3:00 Sunday afternoon. In between was 1,000 miles of driving, nasty storms, dinner, a kickass concert, Waffle House, Brian having a nasty migraine Sunday morning, and me getting a speeding ticket 10 miles from dropping Brian off.

That's the cliff notes version. In short, take away Brian's migraine and I wouldn't change a thing. Not even the speeding ticket. I was due anyway - it's been over 15 years :)

I contacted Slightly Stoopid's management company Friday morning to see if cameras were allowed because the venue website didn't specify. I have been in contact with him before over the past year - my friend Dan originally reached out to them to see if they could do anything to cheer us up last fall. After all, Kyle (one of the two lead guys of Stoopid) held up a line for 5-10 minutes talking to Billy Jo at their August 2012 concert, just weeks before she ended up in the hospital.

Anyway, I figured the easiest way to find out was to ask him about the camera policy. He said to be safe he was going to give me a photo pass. A photo pass gave me access between the barrier and the stage, where you always see security standing. It was the closest I have ever been at a concert. At one point, due to the shape of the stage, I was even behind Kyle. Brian was front row too, so all was good.

I took about 650 pics. Most sucked. I don't know what I'm doing and I didn't have a pro camera. But some did come out fairly well. Here they are. If the slideshow doesn't load the direct link is here.

Here's a video I took of a few encore songs. Sound cuts in and out because I was WAY too close to the speaker stacks :)

It was an experience I am sure to remember a long time. Another successful fuckit list item! Big thanks to Chris at their management company for the hookup!

Now onto the RAGBRAI update. They did the wristband lottery draw this morning. Every year there are more people wanting to participate in the week-long ride than there are spots available, so they hold a lottery. Not being picked doesn't mean you cannot secure one, but you have to buy it on the secondary market. Well, I got an email with my wristband number, so I am in. No stressing about getting one later :)

This is a good time to remind you that I will be covering my bike in names for the RAGBRAI ride, like I did last time. If you know someone who is fighting, in remission or cured, or who passed away from cancer and you would like to let me know their name, I will print it on a label, stick it on my bike, and they will ride with me across Iowa in July. Just fill out this short form. There are over 100 names already.

Donations to Stand Up to Cancer are greatly appreciated but not required. I am trying to reach $15,000 by the end of the ride on July 27th. $2,100 to go :) Team Pedal Another Mile is #20 on their team list in terms of amount raised. Thanks to everyone who has donated - it means so much to me :)