Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Zen takes a backseat and reality sadly comes to the rescue

At work, I've been letting cracks appear in my Zen the last week or so. Not sure why. Maybe it's the time of the fiscal year for that, the extra workload and stress it brings. Not sure. Maybe as I further settle into my new life I realize things can't ALWAYS be puppies and rainbows, no matter how changed I am. Maybe it's something else.

Today Zen at Work took the day off. Shitty, shitty day. While I still handled it better than I would have last year, it flat out SUCKED, and I let it get to me.

To think I was bitching to my boss about how shitty it was at the exact time those bombs went off is a much needed reality check.  

A reality check I am very sad yet very thankful for today.

Live for today.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Live for today.

Don't put anything off because you'll get around to it later.

Live for today.

There are dozens, hundreds... of people in Boston, and their families, that would give ANYTHING to have the day at work I did. There are thousands of other people on their deathbeds everywhere that would give ANYTHING to have the day at work I did.

Live for today.

Live for today, because there are absolutely no fucking guarantees tomorrow is going to happen.

Live for today.

To the people affected by the bombings today I offer my sincere condolences. You and your families are in my thoughts. This can be an ugly fucking world.

In times of ugliness like this though, you also see the good. Strangers helping strangers out of immediate harm's way. First responders, even after 9/11, still running directly towards you, the same you who may be running away from something for fear of your life. They go right past you into hell because that's what they do. Thank you.

Lastly, to the people who have (shockingly) already politicized this tragedy, well... shame on you. This will change nothing for your "side", whichever "side" you happen to be on. The blood wasn't even dry and my Facebook newsfeed already turned ugly, as I knew it would. The speed shocked the shit out of me, however. I thought I wouldn't see anything for a day or two. 

But guess what?? Only my work zen cracked open today. The rest of it is A-OK and I am as calm as I can be as I remove you from my friends list. Yes, you have a right to your opinion and your right to freely say what you want. But I have a right to not see it. Life is too short to hate the other "side", especially when it takes someone who doesn't give a fuck anymore to realize how similar the "sides" are. There is no place for negativity like this in my life anymore. So, I'm sorry, but I am electing to...

You know :)