Pedal Another Mile

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The viewing/memorial day

Whew. Tough day. It was very cool to have this on her birthday, but it was also very very hard. I was a mess this morning.

I've been told the milestone dates are hard the first few times. Christmas and New Year I handled no problem. Today I did not.

I surprised myself how much trouble I had today and how many tears I spilled. But, family, friends, and a few Xanax (my first in a month) helped me out tremendously.

After lunch I took a much needed two hour nap and tonight is much better than this morning was, emotion-wise.

There is a chance that if the winds cause too high of waves that they will not do the actual lowering of the reefs tomorrow. It is up to the county and the Coast Guard. We will know by the time we get there tomorrow morning. We can still take the boat out to the drop site, and Eternal Reefs will remain here until conditions allow them to lower them. They promised pics and video. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, but if it does, it does. It, like much of life, is out of our control.

I also learned she will only be in 30-35 feet of water, not 60-65 feet. If the lighting is right and the sea is calm enough, they're actually visible from the surface.

Billy Jo - if you have any pull with mother nature, keep the winds SE and under 10 tomorrow morning please and thank you - I really want to see this :)

Here's today's pics (same as usual - slideshow will load in a minute or so), mobile users click here for the SmugMug link.