Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Moving forward.

So this morning  I woke up in the dark about 5:45, unable to go back to sleep. Weather report said there's a good chance for rain later in the day, and winds were presently 5mph out of the NE. I got my ass up and decided to get to the start point of my bike ride by sunrise. Halfway there I knew the winds were bullshit. This was going to be another 15-20 out of the north day. Also, it was far too cloudy to enjoy a sunrise over the ocean. Today Florida isn't the Sunshine State at all.

Oh well. Strap in and go.

The winds did in fact suck, but I'm already in slightly better shape than my first ride last Sunday. It was just as windy but I didn't feel like dying. It sucked, but I kept on. It really sucked going over the bridge of Sebastian inlet, but I kept on. Hey - the ride back should be easier.

At mile 12.5 I turned around.

It was immediately easier. Then it struck me... I could take it easy and let the wind push me back to the start, or I could say "fuck it" and hammer as fast as I could. I like going fast- it makes me happy. I like pushing myself (sometimes). So hammer I did.

In fact, I expended more energy going with the wind that I did going against it.

Usually I ride to think or ride to murder my legs and not think. Today I rode thinking and murdering my legs.

I perserved through the almost impossible headwinds of Billy Jo's final weeks. I can take it easy now, recover slowly, with the wind at my back.

Or... I can put the hammer down and try and make myself happy by doing things a little differently.

Today, I finished my ride tired, but grinning ear to ear. I can only hope for the same as I heal. So far, so good.

Full ride info:

I get a massage at 1:30. Apparently it's a giant Russian guy who is going to make me hurt - this is not going to be a foo foo massage. I don't care. I don't need a foo foo massage-  I have 17 years of stress to let go of, and in addition he's got to fix my IT band as well or cycling is going to suck. Bring it on, Vladimir.