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Stand Up to Cancer Update

I've been keeping the USPS afloat by paying $15.25 per week to have all my mail held until Wednesday, shoved into a Priority Mail envelope, and sent down here.

A few weeks ago, I received seven acknowledgement letters from Stand Up to Cancer. I do not know the amounts that were donated by these people, but I do know that they were not applied to the Pedal Another MIle team. It really shouldn't matter if it was applied to the team or not, but dammit, Billy Jo and I started this team together and it means a lot to me that the amount we have raised thanks to all of you is properly recorded.

Well, they still haven't told me who donated what, but they did tell me that the total of those seven donations was over $2,300. I was absolutely blown away when I learned of this. I am speechless, and so grateful. They have also applied that amount to the team, putting the total raised since we started it at $11,361.40.

I had hoped to get past $10,000 by the time RAGBRAI starts in late July. Now I'm hoping to get to $13,000. As it stands right now, there's only 22 teams in front of us in terms of dollars raised. $13,000 would crack the top 20. I know getting number one is not possible...I wasn't a contestant on Survivor :). But top 20 all time would be pretty friggin' cool.

I cannot thank every single one of you who have donated to SU2C enough. I am so humbled and thankful.

Also, tomorrow is World Cancer Day. After I finish my work tomorrow I'm going to crank out 25 miles or so and make sure that Charity Miles app is running for SU2C. At 10 cents a mile, I've already raised $60 since I got down here for them, just by riding my bike. Pretty cool.