Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

It's been awhile...

I know I haven't posted in a while. I've been keeping busy, though. More good moments than bad, and the bad just make me sad, not super-depressed like last week. I can't describe what or why things trigger me.

One day people post pics of Billy Jo or the both of us to my Facebook wall and I'm fine, the next day I'm going through forwarded mail and just seeing her name on new credit cards to replace expiring ones set me off. That was the case yesterday morning.

Friday, the remainder of the thank you cards came in the mail so I decided while I was already "meh" I would get them done yesterday. Mission accomplished.

Moving onto better things, my friend Vince came down yesterday for a weeklong visit. We are going to visit his in-laws tomorrow on the gulf side. I have never been on the gulf side, so I'm looking forward to it. 

We also, quite stupidly thought a one night trip to Key West sounded like a good idea and I booked a room for Tuesday night. Well, now that we think about it more, 900 miles of driving the next three days does not sound appealing in the least, to either of us. So we are not going to Key West. I took a bath on the hotel because I bought it through Expedia and there was a 100% cancellation fee, but that's ok - lesson learned :). I wish I could say we were drunk when we had this ridiculous idea, but alas, we had just started drinking. I cannot blame alcohol, sadly :)

Today Vince, I, and the kids went to Cocoa Beach. The weather was just perfect. We spent several hours there, went to Ron Jon again, and came back. I am so so tired. Sun is draining. So is six hours of drunken sleep. As soon as my laundry dries I am hitting the sack.

By the time we get back I will have taken a week off the bike. I'm ok with this - I needed a break - 550 miles in a little over three weeks was a lot. I'm still looking forward to a hundred or two more before I leave.

Time is flying - my time down here is getting short. I am getting a bit antsy - the reef weekend is getting very close. I hope I handle it well. I think I will. After she is in her new permanent home we drive back up Monday afternoon. Tuesday is when I start getting ready for the drive back. Weather permitting I leave Wednesday 2/13.

And then, shit gets real. Real life awaits me.