Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.


My legs. Not my brain.

I forgot clothes to change into for the beach after my bike ride. I decided to punish myself by attempting a metric century (100km), the first one in 18 months.

I made it, but the last several mile weren't pretty. Sorry to rub it in, Chicago people, but it's frigging hot and humid down here! They are having near-record warmth - I picked a good time to be here.

Anyway, what got me through those final miles was what got me through RAGBRAI... I might be hurting, but then I thought of the pain that Billy Jo went through all those years, and the pain that everyone who has fought cancer has felt. I called myself a pussy and pedaled on.

Speaking of riding and people with cancer, less than 24 hours after posting this there's already 75 entries (with only a few duplicates). I'm gonna need a bigger bike :). Seriously though, if I run out of room I will laminate cards full of names. They're all coming with me on RAGBRAI.

A few people have contacted me asking how to donate to my SU2C team. It's simple, just go to the SU2C page and go from there to donate. Again - a donation isn't necessary for me to include the name, but it is appreciated.

Here's my ride stuff for today:

As for my mood, it's been ok the past few days. I'll take ok. Anjelika got tossed into goal for the game and they tied 2-2, and she saved a sure goal in the last minute. I am very proud of her. :)

Tomorrow morning I am surely not riding - I can barely walk tonight. Monday I see Vladamir the magician again. He's got more work to do on my right IT band.