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Hello 2013

Well, day one of the new year is coming to an end. Finally, the miserable 2012 is in the rear-view mirror. I hope I never experience a year like 2012 again.

I got up on six hours (and six beers) sleep and went for a long bike ride. I was originally planning on ringing in the New Year with a "metric century"...100km (about 62 miles) but it was clear to me by mile 40 or so that that shit wasn't going to happen today. My certainty of my physical shape got a beat down by my actual physical shape. I mean, it was a good ride, 16.5 average speed, but I haven't had a 50+ mile ride since the last day of RAGBRAI on 7/30/11, almost 18 months ago. By mile 46 I was hurting bad, and at mile 51 I was cursing myself for parking so far back in the lot. Those last five miles also did the reverse of what cycling usually does for me - relaxes my mind. The last five miles I was a little melancholy, nothing too bad or unmanageable, but shitty stil the same. I should have been happy that I got in 50 miles today, that I got over 100 in the last three days. 

I was EXHAUSTED when I finished. Like "I hope I don't fall asleep driving back" tired. When I got back, I said screw it and passed out immediately. Didn't shower or even change. I knew I stunk so I threw my beach towel on the bed. Crashed out for two hours, easily.

Woke up, stiff as hell, took a shower, and then went to a wonderful dinner at Nick's mom's house. Nick is Billy Jo's cousin Melisa's boyfriend. Actually, she once said "Nick is my Dave". When Aunt Julie told me that I smiled - he's a great guy so I took it as a compliment :). Anyway, the dinner and company was great. Nick's mom also gave me the number to get a massage by someone she swears by. I have 3-4 months of stress I need to get rid of plus I have right leg IT band pain after today's ride. I'm thinking I'll do that Thursday. Tomorrow I will likely ride again, but more in the 25 mile range...not 50 :)

Yesterday's ride data (since I didn't post it)

Today's ride:

Hey - I'm already over 2% to my goal for 2,500 miles for the year!

Again, I wish a Happy New Year to you all. It's got to be better than the shitshow that was 2012.