Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

The two zofran morning.

I cannot stop waking up nauseous. I can't explain it. The first Zofran did nothing. I'm not waking up sad or anything, but I can't help but feel that it is nerves that is causing it. I ate a few crackers, held puke back, had another Zofran, and took a nap. 

I woke up feeling better and went and got some chores done. The tires needed rotating, I needed to use my Kohls cash I got when I bought the suit, and I needed to buy a thumb drive to fix Aunt Julie's computer.

I tell you what, I can get used to 78 degrees in late December. This is lovely. I have never been down here this time of year. With the exception of one Thanksgiving and one end of October (two days after a hurricane hit), it's always been May-July. Tomorrow looks to be cooler but then it rebounds. Looks to be a bit windy but I expect to do at least one bike ride this week - I need it.

I turned on Billy Jo's iPhone for the first time in over a month today. I wanted to get all the pictures off of it before it is wiped clean. There were 1,011 of them. I couldn't bring myself to look at any of them today, but in time I will. Still, even seeing a few unanswered text messages and email notifications sucked. I realize- it's another "first" and there will be many more, so the suck factor was kept in check for the most part. 

Wrigley is doing fine. Since our visit in May they got a doggie named Beanie. He's about a year and a half old. They spend most of the day playing together, and then successfully wearing each other out. Wrigley isn't used to playing with youngsters :)

Tonight I got another "sign" from Billy Jo. Oh, did she hate tree frogs. She was born in Florida and lived here until she was 4 or 5. Her bed was next to a window. One night she opened her eyes and one was there on the window staring at her and scared the shit out of her. She hated them the rest of her life. I even poked fun at her for it.

Well, tonight, walking out the front door... :)

After a couple days of forgetting to take all of my meds, I am back on track. I hope it makes tomorrow morning nausea free - I'm getting tired of it.

But if not, I know time will just eventually make each day a little bit better than the last.