Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Two down

I'm having trouble waking up in the morning. It seems to be my worst time of day. Just don't wanna do it.

Today was an ok day. I went to work for a few hours. Had to empty my box of completed stuff and refill it for while I'm gone. I also got a bunch of other stuff done there as well. Wrigley was my assistant.

Then I went to my gram's house for linner. The minute I walked in she burst into tears. This woman is 96 years old and I remember her crying once. She was hysterical. I had to beg her to calm down because if I spent Christmas in a hospital I'd just say fuck it and walk into traffic. She finally calmed down and it was a good visit.

Now I'm back home and starting to pack for a Thursday departure. I have a few errands to run tomorrow and the alarm guys have to finish up what they started and then I'm taking off to regroup, refocus, and most

This will be the last road trip Billy Jo and I take together. I wish she was still able to help drive and pass the long, boring, mile after mile dullness with her conversation. As it is I'll be spending the whole time talking to the dog, who sleeps the entire time. Shit.

I'll spend a couple of days around Atlanta and then head to Aunt Julie's house.

Speaking of Billy Jo, I received the proof of what the 6" bronze plaque that will be attached to her reef ball will look like:

More speaking of Billy Jo... to her Facebook friends who rely on me sharing these posts to her wall, I ask that you "like" the Pedal Another Mile Facebook page. I think it will be better to not have me clogging up her timeline with my posts. This way if people want to write on her wall those writings won't be buried. Little "hello", "thinking of you today", etc. mean more than me sharing these blog posts in three places. I will continue to post them to the PAM facebook page and my own timeline.

Lastly, and most importantly- I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Hug and squeeze your loved ones... you never know if this is their (or your) last one. Sorry for the morbid ending to this post, but I mean it - I never thought Billy Jo had seen her last Christmas last year, even though she was bald and going through her sixth chemo treatment in 12 years.