Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Well I stayed home...

But it wasn't a "lay around and see how I do" day.

I spent all day doing more house stuff. Billy Jo's mom came over and we talked for awhile and went through some more of her things. Then it was back to the house stuff.

I finally took my break about 4:00 and watched some of the Bears game. Then I actually took a nap. First nap since she died. Actually, this is the first day I've spent downstairs most of the day. When home, I've been in the bedroom or office most of this week.

This house is quiet. I mean, she worked 12-hour shifts all the time and I was here alone a lot, but this quiet is of a different type.

Wrigley seems to be doing better as well - she's rediscovered her love for the elk antlers.

I am still waiting for the bomb to drop - the uncontrollable wave of sadness. I know it will, I just don't know when. and how bad. I like to think she's impressed by my strength so far. That I wasn't lying when I told her I'd be ok.

Tomorrow morning, Dan comes over with spreadsheets and a highlighted map of Iowa. This guy is determined to make sure there's hotels every night of RAGBRAI, and we're getting a head start on it. Love it. Tomorrow afternoon I'll go to friends for dinner.

Christmas day is with the family and my 96 year old grandma who I haven't seen since before Billy Jo got sick. She's homebound and was quite upset she couldn't make the services.