Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Made it another day

I think my extraordinary laziness might be cured. I was out and about doing stuff again, mainly to keep my mind off of things. Today was an oil change before the trip, lots of stopping at stores looking for a few things I might get later but am not going to stand in a 45 minute line for, dropping off some of Billy Jo's clothes at hospice to make a teddy bear or two out of it, and now - fixing a computer problem.

My neighbor across the street invited me over for ribs her husband just pulled off the smoker, and a beer. Even though I had eaten an hour earlier I decided to go on over. I was told that if I did, I couldn't be alone. Wrigley is quite the popular pup :). Anyway, it was nice to hang out a bit before having to come back to continue doing my "busy work". Still, I'm happy I'm not cocooning myself inside in a fit of sorrow. I'm not making up excuses. I feel this is a big step. I think Billy Jo would be proud of how I've been dealing so far.

Oh yeah - one more thing - I dropped our wedding rings off at the jeweler this morning. The plan is to cut mine open, insert hers, and close mine back up. Joined together forever, they will go in the tank.

This is the only time that ring hasn't been on my finger since I broke my hand/fingers in a bicycling "oopsie" in 2008. I kept trying to spin it today while driving and it wasn't there. Gonna be a hard habit to break.

Tomorrow I think I'll stick around the house all day and see how that goes.