Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Farther than the mailbox.

I took Wrigley for a walk today. I was talked into it. I didn't do it on my own accord ;).

However, I am glad I did. After all, it's 60+ degrees and it's December 2nd, and any time you can walk a dog while wearing shorts in December, you probably should. She enjoyed it as well.

It was a good walk, but also a sad one. I took it while the sun was setting and felt sad that Billy Jo likely wouldn't be seeing another one, at least not on this side. Then I reminded myself that she got 17 years of them after first having cancer. I am thankful for that.

On the way back into the house I checked the mailbox. Inside was a package from Stand Up to Cancer containing the bike jersey I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago. The one I will wear during RAGBRAI next year:

It only says in the enclosed packing slip/note: "Please wish Dave a Happy Christmas."

Thank you so much, anonymous person. That was very thoughtful and I appreciate it greatly. I will wear it with pride. I wish I could thank you directly.


As for Billy Jo's status: so far, so good on the meds change. 1:00pm meds/switch sides of pillow/etc went well. About 2:30 she woke up and started with a bit of confusion so I gave her half a dose before it turned ugly. She went back to sleep fairly quickly. I am hopeful this regiment will continue to work. She still shows a lot of pain on her face during sleep at times, so I continue to hit the dilaudid button for her.

Our "regular" nurse will be out tomorrow. I hope a CNA will be too. There was supposed to be one today, but she called this morning right after the dust had settled and no way in hell was I about to have her go through a bed bath and all that. I asked her to contact the weekday CNA and see if Tuesday's visit could be moved up to Monday. We'll see.