Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Mid-day ramblings

I'm so exhausted I passed out for several hours. I sleep better during the day than at night, it appears. Anyway, on to the post...

Billy Jo has developed a cough that preceeds what is commonly referred to as a "death rattle". This happens when the body is too weak to clear secretions in the throat. Sometimes she is able to clear it, but much of the time she is unable to.  It began at 5:30am this morning and has been intermittent throughout the day. The nurse put a scopolamine patch on her neck which looks like a small round band aid. This patch will aid in drying the saliva secretions to provide her more comfort.

Her breaths are much more shallow and numerous than even three or four days ago. I have a feeling one of the tumors has really made it's way up against her diaphragm and she's just unable to take deep breaths anymore. Her pulse this morning was 120.

Still, she doesn't seem to be in any distress, so I am not freaking out. I read about these things so I am not alarmed. She isn't feeling any discomfort as a result of any of this - the medicines are taking care of that.


Those of you worried about my granola bar diet should know that I've been eating three square meals a day. They are feeding me well here.

Also, I requested that the Christmas tree be removed from the room. I don't want to look at it. They took it away an hour or two ago and I feel better already. All the holiday garbage is pissing me off this year. I'm a grumpy, scroogy fuck.  :)


Stand Up to Cancer's store has free shipping today. I bought the matching SU2C bicycle bib shorts to go along with the jersey from my anonymous friend. A lot of people on RAGBRAI are going to learn about them next year :)