Pedal Another Mile

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Evening update

I figure a quick update is in order because it's an important one.

The seven breaths requirement for Ativan has been lifted. This will be a huge relief for me as I don't have to wait for what could be (and has been) hours to give her more. As a result I'm going to try going solo tonight. Reinforcements are nearby if needed.

She woke again at 6:00pm as her mom was leaving. Lisa and I were the only ones here. She cried again, worried about everybody. We both talked to her for awhile, reassuring her everything would be ok. I then decided to ask her if she wanted to take some medicine to go back to sleep. To our surprise, she said yes.

She is resting peacefully now. Snoring, actually. Yes, Wrigley is still in bed.

OK that's it for now - thanks again for your continued prayers, thoughts, and well wishes.