Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.


Check another one off the list of things to look for.

Billy Jo woke up today full of piss and vinegar. Demanded to get out of bed to use the commode (even though it is so dangerous to do so now), got angry that she couldn't say what she wanted, got angry when I wouldn't pick up the box in the closet that she was pointing at (which wasn't there), asked "why the fuck did they take me off that medicine?", said she wanted to go downstairs, kept trying to get out of bed, etc. The nurse helped a lot.

Billy Jo got a dose of Ativan last night anyway because she was fidgety, but she didn't get her 1am or 7am dose since that was changed yesterday. As it goes, she wouldn't have gotten them anyway, as they cannot administer it when breaths are 6 or less per minute.  That was the case all night, according to the night nurse. 

The day nurse took vitals and breaths were back up to 8 per minute so she gave her the Ativan and she's calmed down and resting comfortably again. There will be a pow-wow later this morning when the nurses meet.

Erin is coming out for me today, earlier in the week than usual, which is very helpful.

I slept last night. Billy Jo had ended up in the middle of the bed last night before I laid down so it was me and her sharing half a king sized bed, with Wrigley wedged in the middle of us. And it was wonderfully uncomfortable :)

Again, my facebook wall is full of everyone with the same facebook profile pic of the teal butterfly and I am overwhelmed. Thank you. I told her about it - I only wish she was coherent enough to see it.

More later from me, as always.

One more thing. Here's the song that played on Pandora as I was typing this. It's one of my favorite songs. There's signs everywhere now.

Don’t you get ahead of me
and I won’t leave you behind
if you get unhappy
show me a sign

there’s no love like lost love
no pain like a broken heart
there’s no love like you and me
and no loss like us apart

promises promise is
only a word
and when softly spoken
is never heard

and a heart
is not a stone
and is fragile
when alone

by my side
by my side
won’t you be by my side
by my side
by my side
won’t you be by my side

my care for you
is from the ground up to the sky
it’s over under up above
down below and to the side

no use in pretending
no use in saving face
my love is never ending
you are my saving grace

by my side
by my side
won’t you be by my side
by my side
by my side
won’t you be by my side