Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.


Mama Noll told me that Billy Jo only needed the button a few times overnight. That was good. Billy Jo slept all day, so I took the opportunity to work all day. It has been so difficult to simply not lose my sanity this last week or so that I haven't done anything for work.

Today, that all changed. I got quite a lot done and this is a big relief for me. A few more days like this and I will "feel" caught up, and the "slower season" for me is coming soon, which will allow me to focus more on Billy Jo and remove stress.

I worked until 4:00pm, when Billy Jo woke up. I helped her shower because she didn't want another wipe-down bath, so we took care of all that. She's squeaky clean.

We got her back in bed where she wanted to watch some TV. She lasted about two minutes before falling back asleep.

I'm ok with this, simply because she's not in much pain. She's a 4, where her normal is. We hit the button before and after the shower because it takes a lot out of her, and once after she was back in bed, but other than that it has been left alone.

Shortly thereafter we had some guests come by (some bringing dinner!) and she was up for a few minutes here and there for them as well.

Her amount of awake and alert time seems to be declining by the day. That makes each of those moments that more special. 

So I am thankful today? Yes- sleeping or not, her pain is definitely down.