Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

The Bike

2012 Trek

I bought this on clearance when I was down in Florida for six weeks after Billy Jo's death.  It was expensive but I got quite a discount, and this bike is great and will likely last my lifetime.  It's five years old and rides like new. 

The Pedals

Look Keo Classic
While I really liked my Crank Brothers pedals, they caused too many issues with road shoes.  They were harder to clip in and caused some hot spots.  The staff at Performance Bike recommended these to me and I like them a lot. I'm so used to being clipped in now I have trouble riding a bicycle without them.


The Seat

Selle Italia Turbomatic Gel Flow Team Edition Saddle
While it's ok (and better than what the bike came with) I may be looking into a new one for this year. 


The Computer


Wahoo Elemnt Bolt
A compact bike computer packed with features that automatically communicates with my iPhone and updates Strava without the need for a computer.