Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Oh so much to write about.

Billy Jo had some more of the newer pains last night, and right before bed felt nauseous again. Zofran helped, and she went to sleep. She got up at about 12:30. I finally got a good night's sleep where I felt rested and as a result did a good 6-7 hours of stuff for work. We had another visit from the pastor, and after that we went to vote. This was quite a big deal for her, and I don't blame her. I think it's great that even in her weakened state she wanted to get out and vote. Here's Billy Jo and what she posted on Facebook:

Voted! This is a big deal to me. Since it will be the last vote I will ever have. Thanks to all the women who gained this right

After that I dropped her off at Target. There were a couple prescriptions for her that were ready to pick up, plus she wanted to just get out and walk around. While she did this I went and got my hair cut - I was way overdue, and even though I am rarely leaving the house these days, I NEEDED that haircut.

We headed home, and here is where the special post I wrote about yesterday comes into play. Auntie Julie woke up Anjelika VERY early Saturday morning and they headed to the beach on a mission. A mission to REALLY bring Florida to Billy Jo. They gathered shells, a sand dollar, and literally twenty pounds of sand, put it in the USPS Priority Mail "if it fits it ships" box, and sent it off. It got here Monday. Almost as quickly as if we had driven it back ourselves! She also emailed me a pdf slideshow and some video. My job was to spread out the sand and put the video and pictures on the TV as Billy Jo squished her toes in the sand :)

So, here's the goods!

Pics here


The pdf slideshow - click here

It was really a great experience and so awesome that Auntie Julie thought of such a thing. When we opened the package yesterday and I explained it to Billy Jo, she started crying. She apologized because she feels bad that everyone is having such a hard time dealing with this. I told her that she has nothing to apologize for, and she should be proud that there's so many people having a hard time dealing with this - it just shows what a great person she is. If anything, I (and the rest of us) feel bad that this is happening to her. She saw where I was coming from, and the sadness went away. Tonight was toes in the sand and smiles.

It was a pretty big day and a pretty good day for Billy Jo. I expect tomorrow may be a little rough as a result, but it was so worth it.

That's about it for tonight, although I may do a separate post later (if I'm still up and have the energy- if not then tomorrow) about something I discovered last night while surfing caretaker message boards.