Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Stickers are stuck

The names are on the bike. It took about two hours.

Black are deceased, red are in the fight, white are cured or in remission.

The whole mission of Stand Up to Cancer is to turn those reds into whites. 


Surprisingly, I am 95% packed and ready to go, over 36 hours prior to departure. I should check for a fever, because I'm obviously not feeling well. ;)

Preliminary Weather Outlook

Forecast by Accuweather. At least they don't all look like Wednesday. Friday is gonna be chilly if it's raining!

It's so far out who knows what will happen, but here's how it looks now:

 Sunday – Council Bluffs 86 Harlan 84 SE8 Mostly Sunny

Monday -  Harlan 83 Perry 80 SSE10 Mostly Sunny

Tuesday - Perry 83 Des Moines 85 N7 Mostly Sunny

Wednesday – Des Moines 97 Knoxville 96 N9 Mostly Cloudy

Thursday – Knoxville 93 Oskaloosa 94 ESE4 Mostly Sunny

Friday – Oskaloosa 72 Rain Fairfield 74 ESE9 Rain

Saturday – Fairfield 84 Fort Madison 82 ENE5 Morning showers


Last Call for Labels

Camera Roll-228

Okay, every name put into the form has been printed on a label as of today. If you still want to have someone's name on my bike for the ride across Iowa, there's still time. Not much, though. I have to give back the label maker soon. Don't wait any longer!

Also, thanks to all of you who donated, my hope to have $15,000 total raised for SU2C by the time the ride was over was realized a week before it started. I am so grateful for your generosity. There are many places and causes to donate your hard-earned dollars, and the fact that you chose Stand Up to Cancer makes me very happy. Words cannot describe it further. Simply - Thank You. For those of you who still want to - by all means please do so!!


In actual RAGBRAI news, I have slowly begun packing, I have most of my electronics sorted out (I'm so geeky I sometimes can't stand myself), and I'm determining what the best way to update will be. Two years ago there was no chance of me having a data connection for most of the trip. Between being on Verizon now instead of AT&T, Google having wi-fi in some towns, and staying in hotels every night, this shouldn't be as big of an issue as 2011. I'll likely post a recap of each day, but I may do smaller updates through the PAM Facebook page. If you are on Facebook and haven't 'liked' it yet, here's the link. Again, who the hell knows what internet access will be like.


One last thing for tonight... I found out today that Knoxville, Wednesday's overnight town, will have a 200' long 20' wide slip n slide.  "Hold my beer and watch this!"


Crunch Time!!

Oh my. Just nine days from now I will be whisked away to the western side of Iowa by Dan, Tanya, and CJ. Ten days from now I'll be headed back east across the hills of Iowa on my bicycle.  Wow is this year really flying by! Here's the route I will be taking:

I wanted to get more miles in, but a crazy (and believe it or not, stressful - zen hasn't been my co-worker lately) three months at work plus finicky weather didn't help me do so. Still, I've got over 1,200 miles in so far this year, and only the 2nd day is going to be mileage-heavy. It's 83 miles with an option for an extra 24.4. Whether or not I will do that extra part is still up in the air. The weather will have a big say in it. I also don't like that it's on day two and I also don't like that I have 14 miles to decide if I'm doing the extra or not. In 2011 I had at least 50 miles to make up my mind. Day two also has the most hills of any day that week. But hey, if you do it you get a fancy patch! This is a huge deal! So huge that I will have to try and remember where my patch from 2011 is ;) .Here's a pic of it. Please contain your excitement :)


I woke up the morning of July 4th, checked my phone for the weather, saw it was going to be awesome, and within 15 minutes I was on my way to ride the Joliet Bicycle Club's Fourth of July Metric Century (100km- 62.1 miles)). I rode to the start from home, so it was actually 66 and change for me. It was the fastest average I have ever had in my life. In fact, my average was 20.1 through 100km - it was only the last few miles where I was completely exhausted and finished at 19.8. Much of the ride I spent with three people I had just met. Turns out they will be doing RAGBRAI as well. I'll look for them, but with 10,000 other people it's not going to be easy! Here's the ride info for July 4th:


The labels were shipped to me yesterday. I'll have to check for duplicates, and I have seen some on there, but there are 150 entries. Wow! I'll be getting those all printed up and put on my bike next week after work.

I am proud to report that we are only about $250 from my goal of $15,000 total raised by Team Pedal Another Mile. That's $15,000 in less than three years and #18 in terms of amount raised!  Thanks go out to all of you who have donated in the past. I really really appreciate your generosity.

As some of you know, I run an app while riding called Charity Miles. They donate ten cents for every mile I ride. I usually pick SU2C. July 4th I selected Wounded Warrior Project.  For this RAGBRAI ride, I am going to be doing SU2C on Days 1, 2, and 7. Day 3 is for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Days 4, 5, and 6 I will leave up to you. The top three is who I ride for those days. Vote here:

Reaching out to SU2C

So I had an idea today. I think I mentioned before that I won't be alone on RAGBRAI this year. Not only will I be riding a day or two with a few of Billy Jo's Iowa cousins, I have my own weeklong personal SAG (support and gear) team in Dan, Tanya, and CJ :) 

Anyway, a thought came to me this afternoon as I was in the garage doing routine cleaning/maintenance to my bicycle... if my team is going to be driving from town to town, and more importantly, into the heart of the activity in each of these towns, why not see if I can get Stand Up to Cancer to send me some stuff to help them out?  

I sent them an email asking if they have any interest in sending me magnetic signs for the truck as well as any brochures or other freebies to hand out. After all, there are thousands and thousands of people riding RAGBRAI, and many more that will be taking part in overnight town activities. Perfect (and free!) advertising for them.  We'll see what they say... like I said, it was just an idea I had.

As of today, it's less than $900 to reach my $15,000 goal. Thanks to those who have donated - I appreciate it very much!!

Four weeks to go!

Well, four weeks from today is the first riding day of RAGBRAI. It's a bit surprising how quickly it's coming. I've been so busy at work that time is flying by at a seemingly faster pace.

I've had a few longer rides lately, and I'm at 1100 for the year so far.  I'll be ready.

As I stated before, I'd like to have the total raised for SU2C by team Pedal Another Mile to be $15,000 by the time I finish RAGBRAI on July 27th. We've been a little over $2,000 under that for a while. That changed last night. My friend Don gave me a check yesterday for a donation in the memories of his late wife Laura who passed away in 2011 of breast cancer, and of Billy Jo. Thanks to Don's generosity, we are now just over $1,000 shy of the goal.

If you can spare any cash to help, even $5, I'd really appreciate it!! You can donate by clicking here.

In other news, this week I'm ordering the labels to begin printing the names of the people riding with me. There's over 100 names already. If you haven't yet done so, the form is here.