Pedal Another Mile

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24,901 by 55


My Uncle Len gave me this idea (thanks, Uncle Len!).  He's a runner and many years ago he set a goal of running 25,000 miles (or the circumference of Earth) in 25 years. He's over 24,000 now with a few years to go.

I've decided to apply the same idea to miles on my bike with two changes.  First, according to NASA, it's 24,901 miles around the equator, so I'll give myself a 99 mile break.  Second, I'm going to try and complete it by the end of 2026.  I started cycling again in 2008, so I'll be attempting to do it in 18 years, or an average of 1,383 miles per year.  The first two years were under 800 miles, and 2012 sucked, so I have some catching up to do!

Total miles to date (as of 12/31/17): 10696.7